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Scarcity in a Season of Democratic Fear

Do we Democrats have enough of what it will take to make America safe for democracy, equality and decency again? 


face value

“Race and identity are issues I have wrestled with all my life.” 

a story of pain, loss and an alternative to opioids

Should cannabis be legalized across the board in Minnesota? Consider one woman’s emotional story, a compelling argument in favor of legalization.

a stand against tyranny

Citizens… subjects… pawns… what have we become?

And everything changed, november 9, 2016

Is our Constitution being shredded? What were the true inspirations for our three branch system of government? A thought-provoking essay on the nature of our republic.


From KEYC News 12 Mankato, see what a new study by WalletHub reveals about the best states in America to raise a family. 


A Coal Mouse (otherwise known as a Sparrow), and a Dove in a fable about what it takes to make a difference. A thought for the New Year. Maybe all we need is just one more voice to make a difference. Make sure your voice is heard in 2018.

An open letter to congressman tom emmer

Unlike the mainstream stereotype of progressives, we don’t believe that the top 1% is just being evil…